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This is a non-profit, free fan for fans website about, stories, photos and videos of (Hard) Rock and metal bands, and a lot more. It has a Concert Agenda with more than 1000 Rock and Metalbands. Connected to a YouTube Channel with more than 560 Playlists. Including 50 pages with only videos, and their playlists. Ballads, Heavy, Instrumental and Full Concerts. There is a page with 105 radio stations on it. The All Music page brings you to the All Music pages of all the bands. In total the website has 1021 pages, about Rock and Metal music, 532 on site Nº1, and 489 on site Nº2.

Symphonic metal, Progressive Metal, Progressive rock, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Heavy Metal, Epic metal, Gothic metal, Folk Rock, Viking Metal,

Concert Agenda, Christian Metal, Power metal, Neoclassical metal, Blues Rock, Metal Archives, Classical Music, Metal Radio, Power Ballads, Blues,

Folk Metal, Symphonic Black Metal, Punk Rock, Grunge, Wagnerian Rock, Celtic Metal, Symphonic Rock, Oriental Metal, Groove Metal, Pirate Metal


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  Everything in one place, Stories, Photos, Videos, and a lot more   

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This website is just a hobby, because this music is my passion. I don´t own nearly any of the content.

Outside my own know-how I use Wikipedia to supplement the information in order to make the most complete story. Thanks to Wikipedia,, Vimeo and YouTube.   

Buiten mijn eigen kennis gebruik ik Wikipedia ter aanvulling van de informatie, om een zo compleet mogelijk verhaal te maken. Met dank aan Wikipedia,, Vimeo en YouTube. 

Fuera de mi propio conocimiento utilizo Wikipedia para complementar la información con el fin de hacer la historia más completa. Gracias a Wikipedia,, Vimeo y YouTube.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to the bands and their labels. No copyright infringement intended.

If I use one or more of your videos, logos, photos, or whatever, and you don´t like it, just tel me, and I will delete it.

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