The metal



Solitary ground   


Design your universe   

Façade of reality   

Run for a fall   


Illusive consensus    


Blank infinity   


Storm the sorrow   

The phantom agony   

Trois vierges   

Chasing the dragon   

Cry for the moon   

Triumph or defeat   

La'petach chatat rovetz   

Safeguard to paradise    

Another me in Lack'ech   

Consign the oblivion   

Higher high   

Tides of time   

Sancta terra   

The divine conspiracy    

Immortal melancholy   

Xystus With Simone Simons -                     My Song of Creation

Samadhi + Resign to surrender   

Requiem for the indifferent   

Deep water horizon   

Beyond the matrix   

Edge of the blade   

Sacred & Wild (Powerwolf cover)

Kingdom Of Heaven

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