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Inquisition Symphony

Roots Bloody Roots

Sepultura (grave in Potuguese) is a Brazilian Trash/Groovemetal band from Belo Horizonte. Formed in 1984 by brothers Max and Igor Cavalera,  the band was a major force in the groove metalthrash metal and death metal genres during the late 1980s and early 1990s, with their later experiments drawing influence from  alternative metalworld musicnu metal, hardcore punk, and industrial metal.  Sepultura has also been credited as one of the second wave of thrash metal acts from the late 1980s to early/mid-1990s, along with bands like  PanteraTestamentSacred ReichDark AngelVio-lence, Forbidden, Death Angel, and Machine Head.

All 5 pages are ready

Before starting with the new band, I first want to put more attention to refreshing the band-pages.

If you want to play a full album on the All Music pages or a playlist, and it plays only one song, check if there is a + or %20 at the end in the brouwser. Take the + or %20 away, enter, and the album/playlist will play in full. I am repairing that as well.

If you click on JANEMPERADORS-METALARCHIVES, on the top, you go to the Home-page. But if you click on the moving text, on the first page you go to,

Site nº 2 is only an extension of site nº 1. You go to site nº 2 via site nº 1. All the bands from M to Z are on site nº2. It´s like this because there were too many pages, and that gave problems with publishing the website. Therefore I started site nº 2.

To go to the Home-page you can use the small Home-link on the top, or click on Janemperadors-Metalarchives. But on the second website (bands M to Z) the Home-link is useless.

The next thing I´m going to do is to check the photos of all the band pages. Add/change photos where needed, 4 photos will be 6 photos. And adding Live albums and EP´s on the bands All Music pages. And I will add information, and more links (repair dead links) on the English and Dutch pages, and change the story font style into Times New Roman. It will take some time, but I just want to make it perfect. It´s ready up to and including Loudness, Lita Ford new Dutch story.

(There is a possibility that some of the photos are not visible at the moment because of deleting/changing them.)

I also began with putting QR Codes under the Tour Dates button to go to the band´s tour page with your smartphone. Ready up to and including, Guns N´ Roses.         (to do something else than only tranlating stories)

Last publishing date: 17-10-2021

If there is a moment that you can not reach the site, it means that I ´m publishing the site. Site Nº 1 takes about 15 minutes. (Every Sunday) Site Nº 2 takes 10+ minutes.

Magic-O-Metal Campagne Video   Crowdfunding Campagne

Magic O Metal wants to encourage children to follow their dreams, to learn to play an instrument or to be creative in some other way. In addition, it would of course be fantastic to breathe new life into metal music and to enable a new generation of metal heroes.

Magic O Metal wil kinderen stimuleren om hun dromen te volgen, om een instrument te leren bespelen of op een andere manier creatief bezig te zijn. Daarbij zou het natuurlijk fantastisch zijn metal-muziek nieuw leven in te blazen en een nieuwe generatie metal-helden mogelijk te maken.